Behind The Camera

Photo by Bryn Nealis

Photo by Bryn Nealis

If my creative juices aren’t flowing, I’m not happy. I love music, art, and anything else aesthetically pleasing. I have been told by my mother that I should have grown up in the 60’s. Needless to say, I envy her for being able to. Short and sweet…photography is my passion. I know that sounds cliché for a photographer to say but I don’t consider it work. I can’t get enough of it and I feel extremely blessed to have a gift I can share with others. The goal of my work is to capture you being who you are. I love a posed photo, but the ones that catch a moment from a distance are my favorite. I’ve spent years in the field of education. I am the oldest of five children with a HUGE extended family. Being around children is something I’ve always known and I adore capturing their innocence. I am also an animal lover, so feel free to bring Fido to your session. Expect to HAVE FUN at your shoot! I’ve been known to do something crazy for a laugh and to kick my shoes off during a shoot or ten.

Things I Love: Watching (and photographing) my husband, Matt and daughters Ava and Marley play; sitting in a beach chair at the edge of the water while reading a book, coffee on my porch in the morning, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, flip flops, dancing barefoot on the lawn at a concert, the smell of new babies, PSU, and the combination of yoga pants and a hoodie.

Much Love,


Danielle has been photographing professionally since 2013. She was a finalist in the Montco Happpening Best Children’s Photographer contest in 2014. Danielle offers a wide variety of lifestyle, event, and headshot photography ranging from children to adults.